Texas Town allows teachers to carry guns

by fawazthedev

In Harrold, Texas children and parents don’t give much thought to safety at the community’s lone school. Mostly because some of the teachers are carrying concealed weapons. In remote Harrold, the nearest sheriff’s office is 30 minutes away, and people tend to know and trust one another. So the school board voted to let teachers bring guns to school. Superintendent David Thweatt said. “A shooter could take out a guard or officer with a visible, holstered weapon, but our teachers have master’s degrees, are older and have had extensive training. And their guns are hidden. We can protect our children.”

Well there are many disadvantages, firstly, if proper care is not taken and a gun is misplaced it might get in the hands of a young student and the student in innocent ignorance, could easily assume it to be a toy. Secondly, a teacher might lose his/her temper and end up threatening a student with a gun. Although highly unlikely, we can never entirely cancel this scenario out and it could have a detrimental psychological impact on the student(s) involved. Thirdly, if there is a disagreement between two students they might end up in a fight and if their hands get to the gun, you know what? I’m not even going to go there, that is just too disturbing to extrapolate.

According to me, there are no advantages on this topic, except that it just might step up security to a few degrees and stop a Sandy Hook from happening all over again.

To conclude, I am totally against this topic, as I believe the disadvantages heavily outweigh any possible benefits. I mean how can you keep guns in a place where innocent youth come to study? And after what happened in New town, guns should be banned and should only be handed over to a person who is responsible (a law enforcer for instance). For the people who love shooting in the shooting range, their guns should not go outside the the territory and should be kept there because the world cannot afford stand by and watch as even more little bundles of joy and unused potential are put into the ground.

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